WESTBOROUGH SCOUT GROUP, founded in October 1949, is the largest and over the years one of the most successful Scout Groups in the District.

Currently we have  3 sections, BEAVER SCOUTSCUB SCOUTS and SCOUTS whilst some of the District EXPLORERS  are also based at Westborough, having replaced our own Venture Unit in the 2002 Scout Organisation re-structuring.

All the Sections run interesting and varied programmes for the youngsters with the Group helping to develop a variety of useful life skills that will benefit them as they grow into young adults.

Running any Section takes a good deal of time, effort and skill by the Leaders concerned to keep it running successfully and we are delighted to count on the excellent commitment of our, mainly ’home-bred’, Leaders which is second to none

We are also hugely indebted to our sponsors, Westborough Methodist Church. Being able to use the Church premises means we do not continuously having to fundraise for a roof above our heads and can concentrate our efforts fully on providing the best possible Scouting for our youngsters.

46th Scarborough


Scout Group

BEAVER SCOUTS   Age Range: 6 to 8                  

Meetings:  2 Colonies,  6 – 7.15 p.m. on Thursdays (Derwent) & 6.15 – 7.30 p.m. on Fridays (Wharfe)


In February 1983 Westborough Scout Group became the first Group in Scarborough and one of the first in the County to have a Beaver Colony with the start of the WHARFE BEAVER COLONY.

It proved so successful that a second unit, was started up just a few years later to deal with the long waiting list that had accrued the DERWENT BEAVER COLONY.

Westborough can now proudly proclaim to have amongst our, mostly ‘home-bred’ Leaders now some young men who have come ‘all the way’ through the ranks, having started off as young Beavers with the Group.

The Beaver motto ‘Fun & Friends’ is reflected in the varied programme of activities such as games, cooking, handicrafts etc., for the lively lads, eager to learn. They also enjoy many outings i.e. to the beach, the local park, the Sealife Centre, Dalby Forest and they have also visited a farm and the postal & emergency services. Beavers have their own Beaver badge, which they gain after completing a number of activities during their first year in Beavers. Before going up to Cub Scouts there is 4-week Link to prepare the boys for this next stage in Scouting and from time to time joint meetings are also being held with the Cub Packs.


CUB SCOUTS Age Range: 8 to 10½            

   Meetings: 2 Packs, on Thursdays (Cobras 6.15 –7.45)  & Fridays (Panthers 6.00 –7.30)



SCOUTS  Age Range: 10½  to 14  Meetings: Friday evenings 7.45 to 10.00 p.m.



EXPLORERS  Age Range: 14  to 18  Meetings: Friday evenings 7.45 to 10.00 p.m.


For interactive fun and further info from the national scene check out Scout Base & The Scout Association