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Dear Friends


It cannot have escaped your notice that there is to be a General Election on June 8th. As I write this letter, the opinion polls suggest that it won't be a new government, but simply the old one with a bigger majority. Depending on your politics, that is either good news or not so good news. I am sure you will cast your vote according to your beliefs and your conscience, and I urge you to do so, and as you do pray for the election and pray that you will be guided to cast your vote wisely. You might think that in my position, at a time like this, I ought not to be political but I would respectfully disagree. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Those who believe religion and politics are not connected do not understand either." Politics is the means by which we hold our leaders to account. It is the debate through which we express our humanity. It is the mechanism through which values are translated into actions which should lead us into a fairer, more just - and therefore more godly - society. Jesus was the most political person who ever walked this earth and his politics was simple: "Do unto others what you would have them do to you." Little by little we have lost sight of that and moved towards an attitude that puts ourselves, our own comfort wealth and convenience first. As Christians, we should see our vote at the election as our chance to express our Christian values. Therefore, without endorsing any  particular political party, I offer the following thoughts which will be influencing how I cast my vote.
I will be looking for the candidate whose policy embraces my Christian belief concerning my duty of hospitality to the stranger. I will be looking for the party which has the most concern for the poor and the disadvantaged in our society, those who recognise that every individual has equal value in God's sight. I will not be supporting policies which may lead to gain for the rich and increased pressure on the poor. I will be looking for the candidate who in my opinion speaks with the most integrity and honesty, someone who says what they really believe rather than what they think I want to hear.  With two weeks to go before polling day, I do not yet know who will benefit from my vote. I do know that we are entering a period of uncertainty and great change and therefore it is vital that the right people lead us through this time. Please vote with care.

God Bless,      Peter

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29thApril       Congratulations to John H to Sylvia W on their marriage.



Please remember in your prayers

Chris & Anne K, Sylvia H, Lilian R, Margaret D, Shirley P, the B Family, the S Family, Dorothy M, Ray and Christine C, Rita M, and Loreen M.


We offer love and sympathy to Christine & Ray C on the death of Christine’s mother.

We offer love and sympathy to Brian M on the death of his brother-in-law.



From Ann K

Thank you very much for the flowers that I received from Westborough following my knee replacement surgery.  It was a lovely surprise.  The operation has been very successful and I am back to normal now.


From Sue and Colin B

Thank you all so much for the lovely flowers delivered to us in memory of my late mother who died just before Easter two years ago. Also, another big thank you for the beautiful daffodils delivered by John and Sylvia and for the kind thoughts and messages received during Colin's recent illness. We do appreciate the good wishes and support from our friends at Westborough.



Report from 2nd Scarborough (Westborough) Guides 

Tora’s Coffee Morning


I would just like to say a big thank you to members of Westborough Church for all the help and support they gave me for my Coffee Morning on 8 April.  I raised £240 which will be split between my charity, Autism Plus, and my Baden-Powell Challenge Award Adventure.  Thank you.


Tora C, 2nd Scarborough (Westborough) Guides.




What a wonderful word that is. It conjures up all kinds of emotions, and memories. But what does it mean?  What does it mean to you?

Apparently it can mean a lot of different things, to different people. I looked it up on GOOGLE and oh my my. What differences of opinions there are.  As you read them you can imagine an argument going on over a little word like that. But then, some would ENJOY an argument.

So what is it, and what does it mean?  Well, for some girls. It's a lovely name. We have a Grand-daughter with that name, and on the Church Notices for that week she was born. The Editor had put in very large print "JOY to the WORLD".   Well Christmas had been and gone by a few weeks. But it was still a lot of JOY to our little world. So it could mean pleasure. Pleasure to see something nice; or to do something nice; or to go somewhere nice.  You can't actually SEE  Joy.  But you can certainly see the effects. And that can also be a means of Joy for us. But most of all, that little three lettered word is a Gift to everybody. YES a GIFT for every one of us. A "Great GIFT" (and also a Fruit of the Spirit) from GOD. It can be enjoyed in a "worldly" sense. And  "Spiritually" If you only experience it in a worldly sense it will be a hollow one. Whereas, in the Spiritual experience. It is EVERLASTING. Out of the sixty six books of the Bible, the word JOY is mentioned in forty three of them. (There may be more, but that's how many I've counted in my Concordance) I'll not argue with you if you find more. Or even less. You'll be doing yourself a favour by finding and reading them. You will not only find the word, you could even experience it.

The Psalms is a good place to start, as you don't have to go far into them. Ps 4 v7 I think is the first mention. And some of them have more than one mention.  A favourite saying of mine is "What's better than one"  and if JOY is mentioned more than once in any Psalm, it might save you a visit to the doctor for anti-depressants.  I've just done a count and in 45 out of 150 Psalms you will find the word Joy and 4 times in one of them. I'll leave it for you to find which one.

The Old Testament tells us to leap, shout, sing, eat and drink to express our Joy in Praising God, for what He has done for us, and for what He has given us. In Nehemiah 8 v10  It says enjoy choice food. Give to those who have nothing. Do not grieve, this day is Holy for "The Joy of the Lord is your strength". How's that for a definition?  There are also lots of Promises. Like the one in Isaiah 35 v10. The Prophet is telling God’s people about a Highway that will be called the Way of Holiness where they will walk to enter Zion with singing. "Everlasting JOY will crown their heads. Gladness and JOY will overtake them". Sorrow and sighing will flee away. And how's that for a Promise?

When you look and find passages of Scripture like that, just think how good it can make you feel.  And there's more.  In the New Testament Jesus sends out seventy-two followers to tell the people the kingdom of God is near.  They return with Joy. (Luke 10 v17). Then again Jesus says He wants our Joy, and His to be Complete???.  So how do we do that?  The answer is in John 15 v10-11 Jesus tells us to obey His commands so that HIS JOY may be in US to make our JOY Complete. So there you have it. This JOY. This Fruit of the Spirit can be OURS when we say Yes to Jesus.

We may not be shouting or dancing in the aisle. We could be weeping, and "He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow will return with songs of JOY because we have come to know Him. Peter tells us we will be filled with an inexpressible and glorious JOY. (1 Peter 1 v8). If you can find all this by following anyone else but JESUS just let me know.

Have a Wonderful Pentecost. Rejoice and sing Jesu thou JOY of loving hearts 258 H&P  365 StF                       Lance A





The annual Mums and Lads evening was well attended and  involved games, making Mother’s Day cards and refreshments, with thanks to Mrs. Pamela E for her design work, the supply of the materials and overseeing the making of the cards.

The pack completed the Farm to Fork Trail at Tesco, illustrating the process of how the food we eat reaches us.   The visit included tours of the bakery, delicatessen counter, the fish counter and the warehouse.  There were many samples of bread and cheese to eat at the conclusion.   Grateful thanks are expressed to the management for the interesting evening which enabled all participants to gain two activity badges on the conclusion of the appropriate worksheets.

The term concluded with an Easter theme evening, making chocolate egg nests, colouring in pre-made pop-up Easter cards, colouring Celtic crosses and making daffodil windmills.

There has been a sand sculpting evening in preparation for the District competition and a practice evening for the Cub section of the Group contribution to the Gang Show at the District Camp.

Grateful thanks to Jack M, Nathan M and Nathan R for their assistance at the District Beaver Scout Link Day when they assisted older Beaver Scouts in a day of Cub Scout activities in preparation for the Beavers joining the Pack.   The activities included of bivouacs, cooking, crafts, pioneering, tent pitching and tracking.

The Pack team of Oscar G-L (12th.), George D (16th.), Solomon C (17th.), Ezeki E (18th), Liam M(21st.) and Nathan R (22nd.) Jack M, participated in the District Cross Country competition around the pitches at the rugby Club, and was palced third overall.

The Pack had fifteen present at the annual district St. George’s Day Parade and Service.   The parade was from North Street to Albemarle Baptist Church.   The flag carrier was Noah M,   The service was conducted by the A.D.C. (Faiths and Beliefs) and the talk given by Mr. Nick W   An offering was taken and raised £240.09 for the Light Foot Trust.

The Pack retained the Hilda Smith Trophy for 2016/17 by gaining the most points in District competitions during the year.   The trophy was received by Jack and Liam M at the District Scout Council Annual General Meeting.

The Pack has been pleased to invest and welcome into the Pack Bryn A, Hector A, MacKenzie C, Joseph T, Reegan W.   It is hoped that they enjoy and benefit from their time in Cubs.  





What a joy it was to gather with some forty other people at 6.00 a.m. on Easter Day at the North Bay to share in the celebration of the Rising of the Son as well as seeing the sun rise.   There were some powerful Easter Day hymns and songs – “Before the Throne of God above”, “See what a morning, gloriously bright”, “In Christ alone my hope is found” and “How Great Thou Art”, the reading of the Word from John 20, prayers and then the sharing of bread and wine.   A truly wonderful experience.




E.C.G. (Equipping, Calling, Going)

E.C.G. – Equipping, Calling, Going – A Heart for the Nations was again held in Scarborough this year, based at the Spa complex during Easter Week.   The theme was “Infused” – Jesus in the bloodstream.

Each day there was Holy Communion celebrated by the Reverend Liz Kent and Mr. Steve Small.   Exploring what it means to be infused, through dynamic and engaging worship, interactive dialogue.   Each day took a different form and style of communion as we explored its significance in our lives.

There were two Bible studies each day, one led by the Reverend Paul Smith.   Based on passages in Romans 3, 5 & 8, the themes covered were “The Pain of Separation”, “The Power of Grace”, “The Pattern of Forgiveness” and “The Purpose of Empowering”   The other was led by the Reverends David and Alison Wilkinson, providing transfusions for those needing more blood, dialysis for those needing their blood cleaned and EPO for those needing their blood boosted.

In the afternoons there were various seminars and receptions.

The evenings were powerful celebrations with lively worship and sound teaching on “Vision”, “Mission”, “Unity”, “Word” and “Spirit”.

The days concluded with Fringe events including concerts, films, chat shows and quizzes.

Another wonderful week of worship, prayer and ministry.

Do you have a heart for the nations?   Do you want to be part of Church that is prophetic?   Do you want to build a better world?   The challenge is to go to E.C.G. from Tuesday, 3rd. to Sunday, 8th. April, 2018 again in Scarborough.   The theme is “Unrestricted Access”.   Through awesome worship experiences, Bible teaching, seminars and the arts, the week will open everyone completely to the outpouring of God’s Spirit, allowing Him freedom to move in us and through us.   Everyone will remind themselves that through the work of Jesus Christ we have Unrestricted Access to the throne room of Heaven itself.   How awesome is that!   Site passes are already being booked.   If you’re interested and would like more details, please contact Colin Adamson who will be pleased to make a booking on your behalf.   Booking forms will be available in the Coffee Lounge.




From Katherine Holmgren

Now that it is almost Pentecost I feel it is right to add the final of the apostle pieces that I have written -so far! - I have in mind to write something about the two on the road to Emmaus -but not yet - first I have another project in mind which hopefully will be revealed in time).

Also included is 'The Poet is a stirrer' and 'But now I come to Really think' - which is what inspired me to write 'The Poet is a stirrer back in the 1980's when I lived in Ireland and wrote for The Rat Pit - an Irish anthology of poetry.



1. My Journal –             Simon Peter (Simeon bar Jona)

My name is Peter, Simon Peter,

known as The Rock.

He, my friend, my leader, my inspiration,

my Redeemer, he Jesus gave me my name.

‘Blessed are you Simon bar Jona’, he said

when I recognised him as the Christ, the Messiah,


For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you,

but my Father who is in Heaven.

And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church.”


Glorious words, words I didn’t fully understand when he spoke them.

I did not realise that the name he gave me, Peter translated as Rock,

 nor did I realise the play on words he was using.

There was a lot about him I did not understand.

He was special you know,

Special in an odd kind of way,

odd yes, but not mad.


No, odd in that he was different,

unusual, superhuman,

yet never pretentious.

He could do things you see

that no ordinary person could do

He healed people, not like a Doctor or nurse,

He’d not been to medical school or anything like that,

No, he could just lay his hands on people (even my mother-in-law)

And he’d tell them their sins were forgiven

And they were healed!

(Wow that really freaked the Scribes and the Pharisees – a blasphemer they called him).


Even the dying and the dead he brought back to life.

 He could take food and suddenly from tiny morsels

 it would magically multiply to  feed multitudes,

And he could make the sea become calm

and the wind to drop when they were both raging.

You know that day when he calmed the sea

and when he walked on the water, not in it, or through it, but ON it

Well he freaked me I can tell you.


He told me to walk towards him and I started,

walking to him on the water,

but then I realised what I was doing

and in an instant I was floundering,

calling out to him to help me

and he chided me telling me I was ‘of little faith.’


Even the day I met him he was miraculous.

We’d caught nothing all day

and he told us to cast our nets out on the other side,

Whatever was the point we thought,

There’s no fish out there today,

Yet we did as he said

And lo and behold our nets were full to bursting.

Now I knew this man was special.

John, the one they called the Baptist, had told us of this man Jesus

But I did not then know just how special he would be.


Yes, he was special, different, someone to shout about,

to be proud of having as a friend.

So what did I do?

What sort of a friend was I?

Was I really that much better than Judas?

 You know he, Jesus had foreseen it all –

He told us one of us would betray him,

And he told me I’d deny him, not once but three times!

Three times, I ask you.

‘Never’ I said

‘You will – three times before the cock crows’ he prophesied.

He told us he’d be crucified, that he’d rise again,

that he’d be with his father in Heaven, and that we’d be there with him.

Even now I find it hard telling you he was right, so right.

Everything he said was so true.

I can tell you everything, everything about him,

about Judas even, but telling you what I did is hard-

you see I did deny him – not once but three times.

Yes I did betray him every bit as bad as Judas.

Oh they didn’t give me 30 paltry pieces of silver,

But even if I’d been offered a million not to do so,

I would still have denied him,

it was if I couldn’t stop myself and I hate myself for it.

Yes I betrayed him, I betrayed him, I betrayed him

Three times, just like he said.

Three times and all before the cock crowed.

‘No I don’t know him.’ I said,

‘You’re mixing me up with someone else’ I said

‘Leave me alone, he’s not my friend’ I said.

How could I?

How could I?

How could I?

And in my denying

I understood Judas when he felt the need to take his own life

For as I denied him, I denied my own self,

My life, all I had been, all I’d become, all he’d taught me.

And I too wished I could die

And take away my shame.


But instead it is my task to do as he directed –

to be his Rock on which to build his memory, his Church.

So, I will NOT be ashamed anymore,

I will shout from the rafters I AM PETER,





 © Katherine Holmgren 22nd March 2001







4th                  Mrs Florence T      

11th                Mrs Norah P

18th                Mr & Mrs Keith & Carol L

25th                The U Family


2nd                  Mrs Ruth J                                    

9th                  Mrs Sylvia H                                            

16th                AnonymouslyIn memory of Hilda Smith’

23rd                Mr & Mrs John & Carol T 

30th                To be confirmed




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